Spicing Up Your Scones

Banana Oat Scones

Happy Saturday! Weekends mean baked breakfast treats and scones are one of my favorites! They come together very quickly which means they can be enjoyed with your morning cup of coffee in under thirty minutes. These banana oat scones are a staple in my recipe book, especially when I only have one ripe banana in the fridge, not quite enough for muffins or a loaf of bread, but perfect for scones.

Scones are a blank canvas for toppings after they have been baked and I find it’s a great way to add your own spin to a recipe! Icing is always a good idea (yes, ALWAYS) and only requires powdered sugar and a little milk. No pastry bags on hand? No problem! You can fill a ziplock bag and cut one of the corners to create the perfect make-shift icing bag. For less mess when filling the bag, I like to line a small cup with the bag, pour in the icing, close it up, and then cut one corner off. No mess and all of the icing gets in the bag in one corner!

Frosting Bag Trick

After drizzling some icing, feel free to take it up a second notch by sprinkling some crushed nuts, shredded coconut, chocolate shavings, toffee bits, or really any little sweet tidbits you have in your pantry from a past baking project. And there you have it, a quick tip on how to elevate your scones to the next level. So what are you waiting for, jump in that kitchen and bake up a batch!

What are your favorite scone toppings? Comment below and let me know!

*Featured recipe: Banana Oat Scones


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