Mid-Week Wednesday Tip: Preserving Fresh Herbs

Time for a mid-week cooking tip! When grocery shopping, it is important to buy items in the smallest quantity available when cooking for one, but there are some things you just cannot downsize. One of these is fresh herbs. Sure, they are often sold in small containers and at the store you might even think, I will definitely use all of this before it goes bad. Well, if you plan to add basil or rosemary to every dish you eat until it’s gone, then yes, you will have succeeded in your mission. But to avoid having to become a master in all recipes with herbs, there is an easier solution. You can preserve your herbs in olive oil in the freezer! To do this, take an ice-cube tray, fill each section with one tablespoon of olive oil, and evenly distribute the leftover herbs. This way, you can have fresh herbs on hand for the future, portioned and ready for you to get cooking!

Happy Wednesday!



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